Mihael Blikshteyn Photography

Curious about modeling? Interested in exploring how you would feel, act and look in front of the camera? Model for me! Find out how.

Jagalchi Live Fish Market
  • Happy, ecstatic new mother with her newborn child
  • Young woman in golden space suit on matching yellow rocks on a beach
  • Two young women flying off a red couch on helium balloons in front of a glacier
  • Wearable Art 2008: Mechanical Marvels
  • Two young women posing on a red couch in the middle of a frozen lake in front of a glacier in the winter
  • Young woman in a white dress exploring an abandoned wooden house with an oil lamp
  • Young woman with an exquite sun umbrella
  • Two young women watching sunset
  • Woman relaxing on the coast
  • Young woman looking at the scenery below at sunset
  • Man playing golf on a sunny day on a beautiful golf course
  • Channel Islands Marine Park Cleanup 2009
  • Braving the high seas
  • Graduate student sampling the intertidal
  • Fishing for Surfperch
  • Crab fisherman holding golden king crab
  • Dock workers offloading Golden king crab to a processing plant
  • Northeast Sakhalin Coastal Pink Salmon Fishery
  • Jagalchi Live Fish Market
  • Saquisili Thursday Animal Market
  • Saquisili Thursday Animal Market
  • Saquisili Thursday Animal Market
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